Shirley (Reasoner) Merry and Jim Merry 

                                     Mickey Foster 

            They don't make movies like they used to! 

         Bob Halliday and Nancy (Phillips) Hendricks 

             More displays by the Hallidays 

Left: David Rinker, Leighan Rinker, Muriel (Gaudet '59) Crow, Phil Crow.  RIght: Michael LaCagnina, Joyce LaCagnina, Jerry Browning, Jeanne Browning. 

            Vic Gray and Launa (Hatcher) Gray 

Phil Crow, Jerry Browning, Jeanne Browning, Bill Kelly, Lois (Faville) Kelley, Michael LaCagnina and Joyce LaCagnina 

Bob and Theresa (Wright) Halliday were the sponsors  for our Hospitality Room during the Reunion.  

    Ruthie (Hall) Willson and Nancy (Phillips) Hendricks 

       Jerry Browning and Doris (Wedge)    Leatherwood 



Bob Halliday under the PBHS Arch, which was provided by Jimmy Williams ('56). 

   Gaylord Hendricks and Ruthie (Hall) Willson, in her military shirt presented to her at our 50th Reunion. 


                    Gaylord Hendricks

Edye (Lansdowne) Knowles, Danne (Pillsbury) Parham, Patty (Chaffin) Jablonski and Connie (Berry) Skinner

Glenda (Horn) Carlisle, Nancy ( Phillips) Hendricks and Bob Halliday in the Hospitality Suite. 

       A view of the Hospitality Room 

Jeanne Browning (Jerry), Muriel (Gaudet '60) Crow (Phil), Leighan Rinker (David), and Joyce LaCagnina( Michael) compare their tatoos. 

Vic Gray, Launa (Hatcher) Gray, Joyce and Michael LaCagnina 

     Jean (Grant) Hutcherson and Johnny Riggs