Jean (Grant) Hutcherson presents Ruthie (Hall) Willson, our intrepid emailer, with a gift from the Class of 1958 for a new computer. 

                 Lake Lytal 

            Pat and Norman Jones 

            Carol and Ed Hyatt 

   Don Pickron and Amanda (Smelcer) Roland 

Nancy (Phillips) Hendricks, Gaylord Hendricks, Pat and Norman Jones 

Jjim Anstis, Betty Jean (Cloud) Anstis, Sam Bigbie, Arlene (Martin) Girvin and Leighan Rinker (David) 

           Lynn (Kramer) Hoerber 

         Gordon Haymond and Phil Crow 

      Lake Lytal and Jimmy Williams ('56) 

 Karen Wilkinson, Sandra (Peacock) Hare and Bill Wilkinson

Sailors morph into singers as Jim Powell and Sam Bigbie take over the mike. 

As day turned into evening, friendships were rekindled, memories were refreshed and the Class of 1958 celebrated our precious time together. 

     Sadie Presnell (guest of Paula Riggs) and Paula Riggs

            Doug Darden and Johnny Wallace 

Phil Herring, Lynn (Kramer) Hoerber, Martha Kulp and Bill Kulp 

                    Glenna (Ashburner) Willis 

   Ruthie (Hall) Willson and Leighan Rinker (David) 

Betty (Coachman) Hochman, Doris (Wedge) Leatherwood, Nancy (Phillips) Hendricks and Gaylord Hendricks

         Rene Guionnaud and Edye (Lansdowne) Knowles 

Johnny Riggs, Linda Riggs, Diane (Hailey '61) Wallace and John Wallace

 Lieselotte (Schumann) Hookey and Jim Brandy (Phyllis Hallstrom)

Suzanne (Rivers) Williams, Barbara Dee (Sanderson '59) Foster (Mickey), Sandy (Stoneman '59) Holmes, Anne (Roswell) Konur and Ilhami Konur 

  Johnny Riggs and Robert Benner (Priscilla Dobbs) enjoy the evening in the pavilion. 

Sari (White) Goldman and Gilbert Goldman with Elvis and Marilyn. 

Nancy (Phillips) Hendricks and Gaylord Hendricks

                Sammy and Barbara Bigbie 

Jjim Powell, Rosanne (Tracy) Chambers and Shirley (Andersen) George 

                    Adelaide and Clyde England 

  Phil Herring, Lynn (Kramer) Hoerber, Martha and Bill Kulp 

               Jim Anstis and Lamar McLendon 

Rene and Carol Guionaud and Glenna (Ashburner) Willis and Ken Willis 

         Jim Anstis, Tom Weatherford and Bob Halliday 

           Susan and Gordon Haymond 

Karen and Roger Banks, Theresa (Wright) Halliday and Lynn (Auerbach) Doctor 

            JIm Powell and Shirley (Reasoner) Merry