Lake Lytal and Linda (Laraway) Burgess
         Michael and Joyce LaCagnina
Ken King, Judy (Watson) King, Joyce and Michael LaCagnina
    Mickey Foster and Judy (Watson) King

February 25, 2016 at Newport Cafe: Mickey Foster, Jerry Browning, Jimmy Browning, and David Rinker. 

Paul Himber on June 18, 2015, at breakfast at the Newport Cafe.  

April 8, 2015:  Mickey Foster, early riser, at The Hut 

April 8, 2015: Betty (Cloud) Anstis, Sari (White) Goldman and Edye (Lansdowne) Knowles at The Hut.

Apri 8, 2015:  David Rinker and Mickey Foster, at The Hut 

April 8, 2015; Jim Anstis, poolside at The Hut 

April 8, 2015: Avon Pinder and Doug Knowles


Lunch at Chalet Suzanne: Theresa (Wright) Halliday, Bob Halliday, Bill and Martha Kulp, Ruthie (Hall) Willson, Martha (Carter) Clark,      West, Duane West, Jerry and Jeanne Browning.

Lunch at Hamburger Heaven in WPB: David Rinker, Jay Low, Pat Low, Peggy (Crozier) Elliott and Marilyn (Mudano) Stacey.

Hamburger Heaven in WPB, May 24, 2014: Doug and Edye (Lansdowne) Knowles, Patty (Chaffin) Jablonski and Sandy (Clift) Jinks.

More of the group at Hamburger Heaven:Patty (Chaffin) Jablonski, Sandy (Clift) Jinks and Gretchen (Senne) Fletcher.

Who can resist the tales of Jim Powell:  Truman Skinner, David and Helen Glassman try.


May 22, 2014:  Left to Right:  Jimmy Moss, Mike O'Conner, Buddy Platt, Mickey Foster, Wayne Tucker, Bobby Kinsey, and Johnny Wallace.

Jim Powell at dinnerwith Jim and Shirley (Reasoner) Merry.

May 8, 2014,  Front Row:  Wayne Tucker, Jerry Browning, Jimmy Browning. Back Row: John Gaze, Mike O'Conner, Mo Mustaine, Mickey Foster, Jimmy Williams, Jimmy Moss.

Sammy Bigbie, Michael LaCagnina, Jimmy Powell, Fred Schiller, Charles Hendry and Carl Dunnan at Steinhatchee Cove Diner on March 12, 2013


Thanks to Jerry Browning for being our Class of 1958 representative in the planning for this second "ALL 50's Class" luncheon.

Michael LaCagnina, Jeanne (Faville) Browning, Jerry Browning and Doris (Wedge) Leatherwood.
Peggy (Crozier) Elliott, Doug Knowles, Rosanne (Tracy) Chambers and Edye (Lansdowne) Knowles.
March 13, 2018: Lunch on Worth Ave: Patty (Chaffin) Jablonski, Gretchen (Senne) Fletcher, Barbara (Watchorn) Fiddler and Connie (Berry) Skinner.  
Patty (Chafin) Jablonski, Klaire (Hester) Markham, Connie (Berry) Skinner, Gretchen (Senne) Fletcher, Sandy (Clift) Jinks and Jean (Grant) Hutcherson at dinner in Ft. Lauderdale, January, 2017.

February 25, 22016: Newport Cafe: Harlon Carrol and Tom Henricksen. 

February 11, 2016: Connie (Berry) Skinner, Patty (Chaffin) Jablonski, Gretchen (Senne) Fletcher, Barbara (Watchorn) Fiddler, Edye (Lansdowne) Knowles and Nancy (Phillips) Hendricks met in Jupiter at the home of Barbara's sister, Grace.

Celebrating their 75th birthdays together at Spoto's in Juno Beach are: Sandy (Clift) Jinks, Suzanne (Rivers) Williams, Klaire ( Hester) Markham, Charlene (Reynolds) Thompson, Patty (Chaffin) Jablonski, Linda (Laraway) Burgess, Gretchen (Senne) Fletcher, Edye ( Lansdowne) Knowles, Jean (Grant) Hutcherson, Danne (Pillsbury) Parham and Nancy (Phillips) Hendricks.

April 8, 2015:  Jimmy William's celebration of The Hut!

April 8, 2015: Bob Halliday, Theresa (Wright) Halliday, Jim Powell,Connie (Berry) Skinner, Doris (Wedge) Leatherwood, and Cynthia (Bryant) Turner, in the shade, at The Hut 

April 8, 2015:  Norman Jones, Sari (White) Goldman and Bob Halliday at (where else) The Hut 

April 8, 2015: Wayne Tucker and Sari (White) Goldman know. 

April 8, 2015: Ruthie (Hall) Willson and Lynn (Auerbach) Doctor

March 10, 2015: Arline (Sivertsen) Croce at North End lunch, Original Pancake House in WPB 

Harry's Seafood Bar and Grill in Lakeland Fl on July 19, 2014: Left to right: Martha and Bill Kulp, Zonna Patterson ('57), Pat Lyons ('57), Theresa (Wright) Halliday, Steve Newell ('62), Marti Riggle ('57), Jim Booth ('53), Susie Booth, Martha (Gaines '57) Curl, Charles Gates ('49) Brenda Booth ('63), Cynthia (Bryant) Turner and Fred Turner, Dick Curl ('55), Bob Halliday, Martha (Carter) Clarke, and Ruthie (Hall) Willson.

June 2014: Marilyn (Mudano) Stacey and Theresa (Wright) Halliday with Harris Holmes and Mickey Foster in the background, at the Newport Cafe

Newport Cafe: May 20, 2014: Tom Henriksen, Jim Anstris and Jimmy Williams (56).

Doc Halliday, Jim Powell, Ruthie (Hall) Willson and Theresa (Wright) Halliday after dinner at Smokey Bones in Clearwater. Jim said he would pick up whole tab, but there was one minor hitch....

Luncheon at The Columbia Restaurant, Ybor City on Feb. 28, 2014: Martha (Carter) Clark, Martha Kulp, Bill Kulp, Richard Sherwood, Theresa (Wright) Halliday, Bob Halliday, Ruthie (Hall) Willson.

Edye (Lansdowne) and Doug Knowles and Bob and Sandy (McBride) Walker at lunch in Jacksonville on March 11, 2013

Front Row: Betty Long Haymond, Audrey Harrell Wiggins, Ruthie Hall Willson Back Row:Johnny Riggs, Linda Laraway Burgess, Turner Wiggins(Audrey), Launa Hatcher Gray (Vic), Doug Darden , and Ronald Day

           Doug Knowles and Mickey Foster
Lunch at the Browning B and B: Foreground: Joyce and Michael LaCagnina. Back row: Ruthie (Hall) Willson, Jeanne (Faville) Browning, Jerry Browning, Betty (Cloud) Anstis, Barbara (Sanderson) '59 Foster and Mickey Foster.
Jerry Browning, Doris (Wedge) Leatherwood, Betty (Cloud) Anstis, Harris Holmes, Ruthie (Hall) Willson and Mickey Foster
Nancy (Phillips) Hendricks and Doris Wedge) Leatherwood

February, 2016: Linda (Boise) Hardy, Sandy (Stoneman '59) Harris and Anita (Day) Burgess at lunch at The Gun Club in Wst Palm Beach.


June 1, 2015: Charlotte Motor Raceway  at the Speedway Club: Norm Jones, Suzanne (Rivers) Williams, Gaylord Hendricks, Nancy (Phillips) Hendricks, Elaine Harrison, Tonia (Teasdale) Fuller, Jim Harrison, Sara Haymond and Gordon Haymond. 

Apri 8, 2015: Ruthie (Hall) Willson, incognito, at The Hut 

April 8, 2015: Bob and Theresa (Wright) Halliday, back to the future, at The Hut

Apri 8, 2015: Jim Powell, at The Hut. 

April 8, 2015:Launa (Hatcher) Gray and  Nancy (Phillips) Hendricks, keeping stools warm.

April 8, 2015: Jimmy Browning and Betty (Cloud) Anstis 

September 26, 2013:  Jerry Browning, Paul Joyce, Mary Joyce, Frank Ebright, Doris (Wedge) Leatherwood, Jimmy Williams ('56) and Norman Jones.


Gasparilla Weekend in Tampa at The Columbia Restaurant:Janet (Kok) Vatrano, Rene Guionnaud, Jerry Browning, Bob Halliday, Theresa (Wright) Halliday, Joyce (Carpenter) Frazier, Ruthie (Hall) Willson, Richard Sherwood, Michael La Cagnina, Linda (Laraway) Burgess, Phil Zammit and Martha (Carter) Clark.

All roads apparently lead to North Carolina: David Rinker, Jeanne Browning, Leighan Rinker, Muriel (Gaudet PBHS '60) Crow and Phil Crow

May, 2012-Doug Knowles, Truman Skinner, Connie Berry Skinner and Edye Lansdowne Knowles at dinner in Coral Gables, FL.

February, 2012-Surprise birthday party for Mickey Foster at Old Key Lime House with Jim and Betty Cloud Anstis, Ruthie Hall Willson, Mickey and Barbara Dee Foster, Jerry and Jimmy Browning.