Here we are, with Klaire (Hester) and Monte Markham, trying to get everyone together for the women's class picture! See the result on The Contact Page!
Bob (Doc) Halliday, shy and retiring as usual! Bill Wilkinson on the right side.
Then and Now: Henry (Buddy) Alexander
           Sari (White) and Gilbert Goldman
Barbara (Watchorn) Fiddler, Edye (Lansdowne) Knowles and Connie (Berry) Skinner
Photographer of our class photos, Monte Markham, Klaire (Hester) Markham, Jean (Grant) and Howard Hutcherson
           Then and Now:  Ralph Pinney
BFFs forever:  Linda (Laraway) Burgess, Danne (Pillsbury) Parham, Sandy (Clift) Jinks, Klaire (Hester) Markham, Jean (Grant) Hutcherson and Patty (Chaffin) Jablonski.
Bob Halliday leads the Class in a cheer before presenting Judy (Watson) King with a class cheerleading trophy
        Ruthie (Hall) Willson and Mickey Foster
See if you can spot the "Then and Now" photos and compare our Classmates with their Senior photo badges!
Peggy (Crozier) Elliot and Lynn (Auerbach)  Doctor
Truman Skinner ( Connie Berry) and Jim Powell, keeping each other on the straight and narrow!
Amanda (Steinberger) Hogue with her daughter, Denise McNeil.
Ken King, Judy (Watson) King and Sandy (Clift) Jinks
Then and Now: Theresa (Wright) Halliday
                Priscilla (Dobbs) and Bob Bennett
Here are the men of our class, as we are taking the Class Photo.  Results? See The Contact Page.
   Sandy (Peacock) Hare and Lake (Pud) Lytal
Martha (Odom) Nicoll, Jerry (Brown) Hardy, Bob and Priscilla (Dobbs) Bennett
Then and Now: Judy (Watson) King, with the class cheerleading trophy
               Danne (Pillsbury) Parham
Martha (Carter) Clark and Phyllis (Hallstrom) Brandy
Background: Heather Pinney, Ralph Pinney, Henry Alexander, Connie (Berry0 Skinner, Michael LaCagnina, Foreground: Jim Anstis and Karen Alexander, wife of Henry.
Sue McLendon, Lamar McLendon, Shirley (Reasoner) and Jim Merry
Doris (Wedge) Leatherwood, Sandy (Stoneman) Holmes, Betty (Cloud) Anstis and Anita (Day) Burgess
Foreground; Nancy (Phillips) Hendricks and Don Pickron.  Back: Lynn (Kramer) Hoerber, Ken King,
Judy (Watson) King, Doris (Wedge) Leatherwood, Cynthia (Bryant) Turner and Fred Turner. 
                  Then and Now; David Rinker
                  Charlie and Alicia Hawkins
Jim Harrison, Barbara (Watchorn) Fiddler, Gaylord Hendricks, Mickey Foster, Anita (Day) Burgess, Harris and Sandy (Stoneman) Holmes.
               Then and Now:  Charlie Hawkins
           Doc and Theresa (Wright) Halliday
     Bill Kulp, Ed and Carol (Martin '60) Hyatt
               Then and Now:  Bill Kulp
Judy (Watson) King, Nancy (Phillips) Hendricks and Doris (Wedge) Leatherwood.