Who Is In Our Class??? 

       721 Classmates Names in our   


From the 1958, 1957, and 1956 Yearbooks, Reunion Booklets and other sources, we have 721 persons in our database.   

                     392 Current Addresses for       


We have current and mailable addresses for 394 Classmates and we reconfirm these addresses and update them regularly.

                 177 Deceased Classmates  

 We keep an accurate and well-documented list of our class members who have passed on.  Questions concerning individual Classmates can be addressed to Reunion Committee Members.                                        

                    111 Missing Classmates 

These are Classmates for whom we have no current address. Some have recently moved and our mailouts are returned.  Some Classmates have been lost to us for many years, many since graduation.   These names are posted to the class website under "Missing Classmates" and the Reunion Committee welcomes current information and leads as to how we may contact these friends. 

 109 Classmates Have No Email Address

                    And What About the Rest?? 

We carry names in our database of Classmates who were pictured with us as Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors but who may have been actually a year ahead of us or a year behind us.  There are also a few classmates who have asked to be removed from our class list.  There were also a few mistakes in our previous Reunion Booklets, so our lists of "Located", "Deceased" and "Missing" classmates don't always add up to the 721 names in our database. 

                           Where Do We Live ??? 

Alabama               4

Alaska                   0

Arizona                 3

Arkansas               1

California            12

Colorado               7

Conneticut            2

Delaware              0

Florida              152 ( plus 97 near WPB)         

Georgia              29

Hawaii                 1

Idaho                   0 

Illinois                  0

Indiana                0

Iowa                    0

Kansas                0

Kentucky             2

Louisiana            2

Maine                  0

Maryland              2

Massachusetts     2

Michigan              0

Minnesota            0

Mississippi            2

Missouri                3

Montana               1

Nebraska              0

Nevada                 3

New Hampshire    0

New Jersey           0

New Mexico          3

 New York             3

North Carolina    16

North Dakota        0

Ohio                      4

Oklahoma             1

Oregon                 0

Pennsylvania        2

Rhode Island        0

South Carolina     1

South Dakota       1

Tennessee         12

Texas                 13

Utah                    1

Vermont              0

Virginia              12

Washington         4

West Virginia       1

Wisconsin            2

Wyoming             1  

Costa Rica          1

Hawaii                 1

Thailand              1