Patty ( Chaffin) Jablonski at the Registration Table 

Ronnie Stirpak, Buddy Platt and Wayne Tucker ('59) 

Rosanne (Tracey) Chambers, Shirley (Andersen) George, Jane (Keil) Groves, and Jeanne (Faville) Browning


      Janet Lomas, Jim Powell and Don Lomas 

   Suzanne (Rivers) Williams, Lake Lytal and Susan Lytal 

Jerry Browning, Jimmy Browning ('59) and Bill Kulp 

  Monte Markham ('53)( Klaire Hester) trying to herd the men into having their picture taken. 

Monte Markham ('53) (Klaire Hester) , Suzanne (Rivers) Williams, Norman Jones and Sam Bigbie 

 A challenge coin is a small coin, usually military, bearing an organization's insignia or emblem and carried by the members.  Traditionally, they are given to prove membership when challenged and are collected by service members.

   David Glassman, Elvis, Marilyn and Helen Glassman 

Doris (Wedge) Leatherwood, Ruthie (Hall) Willson and Glenda (Horn) Carlisle hold the class banner.

         Jim Harrison, Mickey Foster, Sandy (Stoneman '59) Holmes, Bill Wilkinson, Anne (Roswell) Konur, Ilhami Konur and Vic Gray 

            A view of the open-air Pavilion 

Jane (Keil) Groves, Gordon Groves and Charlie Hawkins 

            The boardwalk to the beach 

Jean (Grant) Hutcherson with Bill and Sandy (Clift) Jinks  

  Barbara (Watchorn) Fiddler, Glenda (Horn) Carlisle   

Our 55th Reunion began with registration in the lobby of the Singer Island Hilton and continued with dinner in the open-air Pavilion on the beach. 

Sandra (Peacock) Hare, Lake Lytal, Shirley (Andersen) George, Jane (Keil) Groves and Rosanne (Tracy) Chambers during Registration 

Go to the Home page for a video of our Reunion, edited and produced by David Glassman.

       Beverly Weatherford and Tom Weatherford 

         Susan Haymond and Gordon Haymond 

A stormy day turned into a dark and stormy night, but nothing spoils the fun of our class! 


    Reunion Committee members, Edye (Lansdowne) Knowles (Chair), Connie (Berry) Skinner (Website) and Doug Knowles (Finances)

                                  Bob Halliday 

Norman Jones and Bob Halliday displaying one of the banners supplied to us by Jimmy Williams ('56)

Jim Harrison, presenting Military Challenge Coins to the Reunion Committe and to the Class 

Ruthie (Hall) Willson (Class Emailer) and David Rinker (Database and Research) being presented their Military Challenge Coins by Jim Harrison, as Edye (Lansdowne) Knowles looks on. 

                 Ronald and Mary Jean (Bock) Davis 

                         Linda and Johnny Riggs

Martha (Odom) Nicoll and Jerry (Brown) Hardy with Nancy (Phillips) Hendricks in the background 

    A poster of one of our favorite spots, The Hut 

   Betty (Coachman) Hochman and Howard Hochman, making friends with Elvis and Marilyn

             Bill Wilkinson and  Craig Wilson

      Susie (Kennedy) Barnette and guest, Tom Dill 


       Monte Markham ('53) at the Registration Table 

                    Suzanne (Rivers) Williams 

Sandra (Peacock) Hare, Mike O'Conner, Rosanne (Tracy) Chambers, Shirley (Andersen) George 

   Edye (Lansdowne) Knowles and Lake Lytal 

    Jim Bennett and Connie (Berry) Skinner 

Monte Markham ('53), Klaire( Hester) Markham, Suzanne (Rivers) Williams and Norman Jones 

                Fred Schiller and Jim Powell 

 The challenge coins given to the class by Jim Harrison bears the PBHS seal on one side and a replica of our Senior Yearbook cover on the other.

                Craig Wilson with guest, Susan Riggs 

Jim Powell, Stephanie Roland, and Amanda (Smelcer) Roland, holding the Class burgee. 

     Barbara Bigbie with Rosemary and Tom Hank 

  Doris Ann (Jordan) Arnold and guest, Robert Crystal 

Jim Harrison, Mickey Foster and Harris Holmes 

       Judith and Phil Zammit and Tom Henriksen 

      Jerry Browning and Jeanne Browning 

Doris Ann (Jordan) Arnold with Robert Crystal, David and Helen Glassman, Linda and Joel Faircloth and David and Leighan Rinker.