Martha and Bill Kulp
               Then and Now; Jim Anstis
        Darkness falls and dancing begins
               Then and Now: Jim Powell
A Sunday morning church service was led by Michael LaCagnina: L to R: Gordon Haymond, Danne (Pillsbury) Parham, Sadie Presnell, Paula Riggs, Michael LaCagnina, Judy (Watson) King, Bob Halliday, theresa (Wright) Halliday, Jerry Browning, Jeanne (Faville) Browning and Linda (Laraway) Burgess.
    Then and Now: Doug Knowles
See if you can spot the "Then and Now" photos and compare our Classmates to their Senior photo badges.
Linda (Laraway) Burgess, Lake (Pud) Lytal and Mickey Foster
Doug Knowles, Doris (Wedge) Leatherwood, Linda (Laraway) Burgess and Edye (Lansdowne) Knowles
Mickey Foster, Harris and Sandy (Stoneman '60) Holmes
                             Roger Banks
                Joyce and Michael LaCagnina
Bill Jinks, Jean (Grant) Hutcherson and Sandy (Clift) Jinks
The only two architects in our class: Henry (Buddy) Alexander and Jim Anstis.
               Robert and Michele Goodmark
     David Rinker, Craig Wilson and Edye         
               (Lansdowne) Knowles
Ed and Sandy Mann, Sara and Gordon Haymond
Registration Table Helpers: Spouses: Bill Jinks (Sandy Clift), Ed Jablonski (Patty Chaffin) and Howard Hutcherson (Jean Grant) 
       Then and Now; Jerry Browning
Breakfast: Ed and Patty (Chaffin) Jablonski