From Connie (Berry) Skinner) Ninth Grade Cheerleaders:  Top row: Sandra Kessler, Connie (Berry) Skinner, Sandy (Clift) Jinks, Sandra (Peacock) Hare,  Patty (Stephens) Brown. Bottom Row: Martha (Barbier) Kemp, Linda Mullican (8th Grade), Jean (Toner) Frazier and Janice (Sheffield) Vergez
From Launa (Hatcher) Gray:  Marilyn (Harms) Brander, Suzanne (Rivers) Williams, Launa (Hatcher) Gray, and Ruthie (Hall) Willson in our beloved green PE uniforms.
Combined Conniston-Northboro Bands at the Palm Bowl Game, where Conniston went up against the All Stars from six jr. high schools.
From Launa (Hatcher) Gray:  JoAnn (Hall) Leonard
From Launa (Hatcher) Gray: Sandra (Peacock) Hare
From Launa (Hatcher) Gray; Howard (Sonny) Campbell, at Conniston for 7th and 9th grade.
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Mr. Cobb's "short" quizzes, total fear of Mrs. Breazeale, construction of the new buiding, Mr (sigh) Ripley, Mrs Luken's sewing, cooking and home health class, Mr. D'Angio's longgggg notes,  "hunky" and "inhuman", ink pens, Conniston Capers, green gym suits!   
We were one of the the first classes to occupy the "new" building.
From Connie (Berry) Skinner:   Connie (Berry) Skinner, Audrey (Harrell) Wiggins, Linda (Laraway) Burgess and Launa (Hatcher) Gray.
From Launa (Hatcher) Gray:  Joanne (Bampfield) Wood, Launa (Hatcher) Gray and Hazel (Jordan) Laxson.
From Launa (Hatcher) Gray: Launa 
From Launa (Hatcher) Gray:  Suzanne (Rivers) Williams
From Launa (Hatcher) Gray:  The Harrell twins: standing is Barbara (Harrell) Phelps and Audrey (Harrell) Wiggins.
This is a photo of the Palmetto Elementary School 6th graders, most of whom would go on to be in our 7th grade class.  
From Launa (Hatcher) Gray:  Janice (Sheffield) Vergez and Launa (Hatcher) Gray.
From Launa (hatcher) Gray: Victor Gray, who was only at Conniston for part of 7th grade. 
    From Connie (Berry) Skinner