Ralph and Heather Nelson Pinney after the cycling events at the Wake County Senior Games, 2017
With Helen and David Glassman are their son and grandson, as the family recently celebrated their grandson's Bar Mitzvah in Isreal.

Check out this: 1968, on the set of "Guns of the Magnificent Seven", Monte ('53) and Klaire (Hester) Markham. 

Klaire (Hester) and Monte Markham ('53) with their grandson, Ben, at the Calabas Foortball Team Recognition Night. 

Lamar McLendon (far right) attends an alumni mixer for Riverside Military Academy on May 29, 2015. 

Micky Foster and Jerry Browning try to figure out which one is Maxwell Smart, using Jerry's "shoe phone".

Edye (Lansdowne) Knowles shows her suppport for Earl Stewart's plans for expanding his business. 

Dinner at Spotos, January 10, 2015, in West Palm Beach with Connie (Berry) Skinner, Klaire (Hester) Markham, Sandy (Clift) Jinks and Patty (Chaffin) Jablonski.

Sari (White) Goldman and Elaine Lipsky (PBHS'59)

Henry (Buddy) Alexander and Jim and Betty (Cloud) Anstis at the Convention of the American Institute of Architects in Miami recently.  Jim and Henry are the only two architects in our class that we know of and were in the same home room.

June 2014: David and Helen Glassman at their 50th wedding anniversay at the  Cliff Lady Winery in Napa, CA.

June 2014:Norman Jones and Jim Harrison at the Vets Coffee Shop and Museum in Moorsville NC

Dick Webb, his grandaughter, Lydia, and son, Scott, at the Long Beach Grand Prix!

David Browning in Orlando with his three grandchildren and daughter, Paige Browning.

Bob and Theresa (Wright) Halliday, pirates of Ye Mystic Krewe of the Peg Leg float. 

Priscilla (Dobbs) and Bob Benner with their two grandsons, Matthew and Mark.

                    Virginia (Reynolds) Stewart

                Bob Alban and his wife. 

Joann (Rodriquez) Rosenbaum and her dog, KoKo, hiking in Goblin Valley, Utah State Park. 

       Margret (Huyck) and Bill Perry

Ralph Pinney at a Rest Stop 3 at the MS Charity Ride in New Bern NC. 

Ken Stone on Knight's Key with his two grandaughters, Cierra and Marina. 

Barbara (Watchorn) Fiddler, along with Glenda (Horn) Carlisle, her husband, Tom, and her daughter Margaret, visit with Bill John Baker, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, at the Cherokee Hog Fry in Oklahoma.

Phil and Muriel (Gaudet '60) Crow celebrate the 7th birthday of their grandson, Tyler. 

Kodiak Alaska:  Al Hagedorn and Paul Joyce and their 87 pound halibut! 

Edye (Lansdowne) Knowles, David Rinker, and Doug Knowles at dinner in Jacksonville Fl on February 20, 2013. 

      Carol (Turner '59) and Richard Hardigan

Sari (White) and Gilbert Goldman at the Everglades City Seafood Festival and Gilbert's 74th birthday. 

              Joanne (Rodriquez) Rosenbaum

David Glassman at Base Camp, Mt Everest, 2012. 

July, 2012-Jerry Browning, Connie (Berry) Skinner, Ruthie (Hall) Willson, Doug Knowles and Edye (Lansdowne) Knowles, Betty (Cloud) Anstis and Jimmy Browning at West Palm Beach Country Club.

May, 2012-Two Gators-Sammy Bigbie and Friend. 

December 30, 2011-Launa Hatcher Gray and great-grandchild #5, Trevor 

Ellen and Bob Thurbon, Suzanne Rivers Williams, and Jim Harrison  at Bob's restaurant, Rack'em Pub and Billiards in Matthews, NC. 

 Linda Laraway Burgess, Sandy Clift Jinks, Patty Chaffin Jablonski, Jean Grant Hutcherson and Danne Pillsbury Parham (Dave)

 Betty Jean Cloud Anstis and Jim Anstis on 2/20/09 at UF Alumni Weekend

      Memorial plaque at UF for Wade Davies 

                    Jimmy Harrison 

               Lunch in Winter Haven

 Front Row: Betty Long Haymond, Audrey Harrell Wiggins, Ruthie Hall Willson  Back Row:Johnny Riggs, Linda Laraway Burgess, Turner Wiggins(Audrey), Launa Hatcher Gray (Vic), Doug  Darden , and Ronald Day


August, 2017: Norman Jones visits Jimmy Browning ('59) at Jimmy's new adult living facility.

Jerry Browning, Betty (Cloud) Anstis and Ruthie (Hall) Willson at Ruthie's grandson's soccer game, April, 2017.
Ruthie (Hall) Willson and her wonderful family on Easter, 2017
A BIG congratulations to Max Gelders for being selected as "Resident Council President" of his ALF in Homestead, FL.

Margaret (Plockelman) Richardson at the Women's Veteran Memorial in Washington DC


Bob Halliday and the men's USF track team at the Cross Country Invitational. Bob is the one in the middle!

Gordon and Sara Haymond celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary at Hilton Head SC!

      Paul and Mary Joyce at the Taj Mahal.

 June, 2015: Glenda (Horn) Carlisle with her grandchildren at Big Cedar.

Earl Stewart and his family, as Earl is presented with the Best Business in North Palm Beach County award by the Chamber of Commerce. 

Frank Ebright and his furry friend, hanging out in Alaska.

Robert and Michele Goodmark celebrate their 50th Anniversary on March 7, 2015. 

        November 5, 2014, David Rinker in the        MacArthur Suite at the Manila Hotel.

             Joanne (Bampfield) Wood

"Girls" weekend in Ashville, NC.  Front row: Connie (Berry) Skinner, Jean (Grant) Hutcherson, Patty (Chaffin) Jablonski, Nancy (Phillips) Hendricks.  Top row: Gretchen (Senne) Fletcher, Sandy (Clift) Jinks, Barbara (Watchorn) Fiddler, Paula Riggs, Klaire (Hester) Markham, Suzanne (Rivers) Williams.

Our California Girls: Nory (Barrett) Austin and Louise Marcy.

November 2, 2014, Jimmy Harrison and Norm Jones at the Stuart Air Show.

Tom and Margaret Henriksen celebrate the birth of their first grandchild, Liv, born July 31, 2014 in Cambridge MA

Jim Harrison(top of the steps)

at the Lost Nations Air Show in Ohio, 

June 2014: Jerry and Jeanne Browning at the Cliff Lady Winery in Napa, CA., but not at the same time as David and Helen Glassman!  

Fred Schiller and Norman Jones, sitting and rocking, at Fred's summer home near Boone, NC

              Laurel (Weinstein) Skier

Jesse Peeler ( also known as Captain Jay) and his wife, Jeane, are beginning a new venture in Sierpe Bay, Costa Rica called J and J Fishing Charters. 

                  Shirley (Parramore) Palm

Lamar (Mac) McLendon with his beloved Thunder Bird, driving the Grand Marshall of the St. Patrick's Day Parade. 


Paul and Mary Joyce on vacation at Machu Picchu, Peru, Fall of 2013. 

David and Helen Glassman with their family at Jackson Hole WY.

              Gloria (Brock) Wade

Ruthie (Hall) Willson with her grandchildren at their school on Grandparents Day. 

Martha Ann (Carter) Clark and her grandaughter. 

Leighan and David Rinker, celebrating Leighan's birthday in Colorado.

                   Judy (Darr) and Bill Rivers

Sammy Bigbie on a work hike on the Florida National Scenic Trail at Twin Rivers State Forest. 

Grace (Shickley) Newman and her husband vacationing in Itaipu Brazil, April, 2013     

Palm Beach Junior High reunion at Jane Brukenfeld's house:  Connie Wheeler, Chicky Ritter, Dave Rinker, Ed Weed, Sharon Stewart, Dale McNulty, Anne (Roswell) Konur, Jon Schmid and DeDe (Teare) Slappey  

Jimmy Powell and Sandra (Peacock) Hare starting Jimmy and Sammy's 2nd Adventure 

Sam and Barb Bigbie, in the Great Outdoors.  Sam says, "I love it!" 

David and Leighan Rinker on a recent vacation, 2012 

 Earl Stewart has written a book, "Confessions of a Recovering Car Dealer", and all the profits are going to charity!

Paul Joyce and his 32 lb King Salmon, caught recently in Alaska 

April, 2012-Klaire Hester Markham, Patty Chafin Jablonski, Connie Berry Skinner and Sandy Clift Jinks in WPB.  

   Classmate, Tom Henriksen, a Senior Fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution, has written a new book which will be published in July, 2012,  America and the Rogue States. The book focuses on the  key rogue states—North Korea, Iran, and pre-invasion Iraq. What are termed lesser rogue players—Libya, Syria, Cuba, Sudan and others—are also analyzed. 


David Rinker at Mt. Everest base camp. 

Gretchen Senne Fletcher, June, 2008, in Times Square, reading her award-winning poem "Two Giant Men in New York" for the Bright Lights, Big Verse: Poems of Times Square" event by the Poetry Society of America


              Mini-Reunion in Lake City

           Richard Treadwell's oil well 

            Norman Jones' oil well 

Glenna (Ashburner) Willis and Dianne (Beasley) Sink meet in Greensboro NC in October, 2015. 

Dick and Judy Webb, at the wedding of their son, welcome their new daughter-in-law and grandaughter.


At the Dolphin's game on September 27, 2015 are Jerry Browning, Jimmy Browning, a friend of Mickey Foster, Mickey Foster, another friend of Mickey Foster, Mickey's son-in-law, and David Rinker.


On August 7, 2015, Jim Anstis, shown here with wife, Betty (Cloud) Anstis, received the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award from the Florida Chaper of the American Institute of Architects. 

Gretchen Senne Fletcher at the graduation of her fifth grade students at Christ Church School, Ft. Lauderdale.

                 Pamela and Bill Stevens

Ruthie (Hall) Willson and Sari (White) Goldman met in Safety Harbor Fl for lunch and a tour of the area's unusual sights.  


              Diane (Beasley) and Rodney Sink

Dick Webb with his two grandaughters, at Mission Inn, Riverside CA on November 25, 2014.

Sam Bigbie, somewhere in Edgemont, ND, on November 16, 2014

Charlie and Alicia Hawkins at Downton Abbey (aka Highclere Castle).  Charlie's choir is in the UK to sing at Winchester Cathedral and Westminster Abbey.

                    Tom Keith

July 2014: at the Hyatt house in NC: Ed and Carol Hyatt, George and Stephanie Ferguson, Barbara and Sam Bigbie and Buddy The Dog.

Richard and Carol (Turner '59)Hartigan celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary!

Ruthie (Hall) Willson and her grandson, Aaron, at his recent confirmation.


Glenda (Horn) Carlisle has won the 2014 Oklahoma Book Award from the Oklahoma Center for the Book for her recent novel, The Year of the Turnips. She is the author of many books about Oklahoma such as Buckskin, Calico and Lace, Petticoats, Politics and Pirouettes and Astronauts, Athletes and Ambassadors.  Her books feature many stories about the women who made Oklahoma great.

                   and Mary Ann (Walker) Strawn


Lamar (Mac) McLendon and his new friend, Trigger, in Las Vegas. 

David and Leighan Rinker at Angkor Wat , Cambodia, November, 2013. 

                   David Hamilton

Joann  (Rodriquez) Rosenbaum on her first bike ride since knee surgery in July of 2013. 

 Johnny Riggs, decked out in some of the train regalia sent to him by Johnny Jacobs as consolation for missing a train trip.  

Leighan Rinker (David), Muriel (Gaudet PBHS '60), Jeanne Browning and Jerry Browning, in North Carolina summer of 2013.

   Diane (Alpern) Parente with her daughter-in-law and son

David and Helen Glassman recently in the Galapagos Islands summer of 2013. 

 Jim Powell and Max Gelders on Easter Sunday in Homestead, Florida.

Tom and Jane Holden and Russ and Laurel (Lissenden) Hinkle on March 13, 2013. 

        Georgia (Hackett Lynch and her husband

Ruthie (Hall) Willson and Rene and Carol Guionaud at lunch in Ybor City, Fl, February 2013

 Norman Jones with his beloved 1949 tractor, at his Virginia mountain home, October, 2012

2012-Paul Joyce, Earl Stewart and Gene Joyce, dolphin fishing!  

February, 2012-Martha Carter Clark and Cynthia Bryant Turner and the burgee Martha made for Sammy and Jimmy's big adventure. 

    Monte and Klaire Hester Markham,        Christmas, 2011 

 Jimmy Williams, Jimmy Browning, Jerry Browning and Mickey Foster on 2/21/09 at Phipps Park Little League Honoree ceremony 

 Ruthie Hall Willson and Richard and Judy Webb

Ruthie Hall Willson, Laurel Weinstein Skier, Bob Halliday and Theresa Wright Halliday at Brooksville Civil War Reinactment 

The wedding of classmate, Jerry Browning to Jeanne Faville Browning 

 Paul Joyce, Norm Jones and Richard Treadwell on an Alaskan fishing trip

Jerry Browning, Jeanne Faville Browning,  Lois Faville Kelley and Bill Kelley, motoring around Lake Superior