Margaret (Plockelman) Richardson, Feb. 3, 1940: at the Jim Bean Distillery in Kentucky.  Left to right: Margaret, son-in-law Matt McBreaty and Jim Bean.

            Bill Stevens, Feb. 27, 1940 

Richard Webb; Feb. 28, 1940: Left to right: Judy Webb, Richard, and Son Scott.

Patty (Chaffin) Jablonski; March 2, 1940; With Patty's husband Ed's new grandson. 

         Duane West, March 23, 1940 

     Launa Hatcher Gray, May 18, 1940 

       Gordon Haymond, May 19, 1940

Shirley (Andersen) George celebrates her June 2, 1940 birthday with her grandaugher, Katie, one of her 8 grandchildren, in Winter Park, Fl. 

Lamar MCLendon celebrated his birthday, June 29, 1940, at the International Shriner's Convention in Houston Texas.  Meet Fezzy, the Shriner's Hospital mascot! ( He's on the right) 

Sammy Bigbie celebrates his 75th birthday with his wife, Barbara, and his grandaughter, Sami Faircloth, October 28, 1940.


Charlie Hawkins, June, 1940, with his wife, Alicia, daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren 

                Bill Kulp, June 10, 1939 

Ruth (Johnson) Belcher, Nov. 4, 1939 

            Earl Hager, Nov. 8, 1939 

           Laurel (Weinstein) Skier: Feb 12,  1940                        

Ruthie (Hall) Willson: Feb. 13, 1940: Left to right, Phil Crow, Manning Willson, Jerry Browning, Jeanne Faville Browning, Ruthie with grandaughter Leia, Theresa Wright Halliday, Murial Gaudet Crow, Doc Halliday.

David Glassman: March 7, 1940: Left to Right:  Rebecca, Helen, David, Michael, Steven and grandson, Landon. 

     Doris (Wedge) Leatherwood, April 3, 1940 

Jean (Grant) Hutcherson joins the 75th birthday club, born on June 17, 1940.   

           Connie (Berry) Skinner, July 28, 1940, being photo-bombed by grandaughter, Caroline. 

Priscilla (Dobbs) and Bob Benner celebrate her birthday at the Ocean Club on Paradise Island.

       Glenna (Ashburner) Willis: Oct. 24, 1939 

Ralph Pinney, Dec. 17, 1939: At Tasu Asian Bistro in Cary NC: Left to right: Heather Pinney, son Andres and his girlfriend, Caitlin, Ralph, daughter Samantha and her boyfriend, Shane. 

 Barbara (Watchorn) Fiddler and Gretchen (Senne) Fletcher celebrate Barbara's birthday on March 13, 2015 in New York City.

       Jack Templeton, Jan. 13, 1940 

                  Doug Knowles: May 12, 1940 

Edye (Lansdowne) Knowles celebrates her birthday of June 2, 1940, at Cafe Charnonnay in Palm Beach Gardens. 

Klaire (Hester) Markham celebrates her birthday, Jun 13, 1940, with dinner at Ca Del Sol in Hollywood, CA.  Left to right: Grandson, Ben, Daughter, Keevil, Klaire, Monte, grandaughter, Caroline and son, Jason.

Max Gelders, August 3, 1940, celebrates his birthday with David Glassman in Homestead, FL.